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As you may have guessed I took a break from t25 and restarted. I didn’t give up, I just thought I had to redo it again since I was slacking on some of the workouts or not even getting through them. I am starting a strict low carb diet yet again and hopefully I can find the motivation to keep going with both! Cardio was tough today :(

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hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 

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I have been neglecting my tumblr updates but not fear I’m still trucking along. Week four really sucked for me. I was so unmotivated and quit a couple of the workouts 5 minutes early. Hopefully I can knock out week 5 the right way!! Still down 5 lbs and 5 inches.

Anyone that’s had successful weightloss with the program, did you see it more so in alpha or beta?

Good luck everyone keep pushing!!

Day 19

So far today I have done an intervals. I still need to do total body but in I might space it out and do it tomorrow…we’ll see. Abs still suck for me. I can do most exercises but not for as long as they do and I just cannot get myself in a v position with legs lifted. I’ve been weighing myself and it seems I’ve been up and down every time so I’m a little discouraged but I know it’s a process.

Anyone thought of or have done alpha cycle twice? I’m still modifying enough to think that I’m not stable in alpha enough to start beta. Message me if you know anything about this!